stage one (Omonths+)

Babble Books mirror the natural progression of speech sounds as they are acquired through age-appropriate material that maximize success and, in turn, promote effective communication. Babble Books consists of books categorized into stages that are defined by specific speech sound sets in the order in which they are acquired.  The stages are classified by the age slightly before and during the critical period of acquisition so as to encourage auditory bombardment and verbal exploration prior to the expected age of mastery.

Babble Books Stage One is the first book in the series and can be read to babies starting day one. It is the perfect present for an expecting mom. 

The Babble Guide​​

The Babble Guide contains a list of common speech sound error patterns (phonological processes) that children use to simplify speech while learning to talk. Examples of each phonological process can be found within the common mispronunciations of the words pictured. The Babble Guide is interactive and allows caregivers to fill in their child's rendition of the word under each picture as well as develop a list of words for extended family or babysitters (names for people, places, favorite toys/characters). Through the use of The Babble Guide, frustrations caused by misunderstandings are eased and increased verbal communication is encouraged which, in turn, leads to increased social and emotional well-being. 

Your child wants to communicate with you. Help them out and buy The Babble Guide today.

The Babble Guide can be kept for years to come as a keepsake of your child's first words. 

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