Why Babble Books?

 Developed by a speech language pathologist and mom, Babble Books are developmentally appropriate picture books that mirror the natural progression of speech sounds as they are acquired. Babble Books are the first and only speech development books on the market.


Babble Books Stage One is comprised of words containing only the earliest emerging speech sounds. These are the easiest sounds a tiny mouth can produce. Successful production of these simple words will lead to increased confidence and an eagerness to continue to communicate verbally. 

Babble Books are divided into stages that specifically target each developmentally appropriate set of speech sounds to maximize a child’s speech and language potential. The Babble Books stages are defined by the age slightly before and during the critical period in which the speech sounds emerge so as to encourage auditory bombardment and verbal exploration prior to the expected age of mastery.  Each book contains a page of tips to further maximize effectiveness of the material while promoting carryover into daily life.

Parents and caregivers have the greatest impact on a child’s speech and language development. Through the use of Babble Books, a solid foundation for effective communication, socialization, and future academic success will be established.  


About the Author


"I bought Babble Books Stage One initially for my infant daughter. At first she loved looking at the pictures and hearing me read to her, but now that she is one she loves to try to imitate the simple words. As a speech language pathologist, I decided to try reading  Babble Books to my two new three-year old students with autism. I was delighted when during our second reading, one of the students imitated several phrases and was clearly very excited."

About the Author


Stephanie Ciatti is a nationally certified speech-language pathologist and founder of Milwaukee Speech Therapy, LLC. She holds the Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech and Hearing Association. Ciatti has extensive experience providing services in a variety of settings including school, clinical, and hospital.

In 2009, Ciatti worked with researchers at Marquette University on the Wisconsin Reading Acquisition Program. It was at this time that she discovered there were no quality speech development books available to parents, teachers, and therapists. This gap in the market became even more evident to Ciatti when she became a mom.

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